Quentin Fielding is a new breed of artist. He is an EDM music artist, film composer, and actor. He began playing the piano at age seven and while intensive piano training continued, at age nine he began performing in different symphonic bands playing the saxophone. Soon thereafter Quentin accidentally discovered what would become one of the greatest passions of his life, music composition. Everything changed from that moment onward. Not only did he discover that he could compose music, but equally, that he could compose prolifically. Adding the electric guitar and vocal training to his set of instruments, Quentin now created his own band. Not long after forming “Streetlights”, an alternative rock/pop band, during his teen years, did they win first place at a regional talent show with original song, “Save Us”. An important musical relationship in the band was formed with co-writer Ryan Kleindienst. Over a decade later these two best friends continue to co-write original songs together. The band performed at countless venues in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York City. These years honed Quentin’s songwriting and live performance skills as a musician, keyboardist, guitarist, and entertainer. 


Tony Martell, retired VP of Sony Music “discovered” Quentin Fielding after watching one of his music videos. Tony Martell quickly became his mentor and advisor regarding his professional music career. Tony Martell paid him the highest compliment when he said, “Quentin Fielding is the musician’s musician.”


What happened next was monumental in Quentin’s artistic career. Quentin Fielding was hired to compose the original soundtrack to an independent film, “Aiden Black”. After the director learned about Quentin’s skills in the marital arts, he cast him as the leading man in the action thriller. This would be Quentin’s debut into acting, as well as the first time he was hired to act and then score the soundtrack to the same film.


Quentin Fielding’s multi talent in acting and film scoring came to further fruition when Quentin was cast as the leading man again, in a made for TV movie, “Dark Tarot” (showing on national TV in Europe 2014). During principal photography, Quentin asked who would be composing the soundtrack. After finding out that they had not hired a composer yet, Quentin offered to compose the soundtrack. Not believing that an actor could also compose a film score, they politely brushed off his request. That night, Quentin went to his studio and recorded a few themes for the film. The next day he brought the themes to the executive producer and director. They were instantly sold. Breaking all the rules, Quentin was again hired to compose the original soundtrack to the same movie he was the also the leading man. In post production of “Dark Tarot”, Quentin was finally given the edit of the film to compose the soundtrack, with one major challenge. In an industry where film composing for a feature film is a minimum of three months; Quentin was given only eighteen days to compose, produce, and record the entire feature length soundtrack. Quentin successfully delivered the score on time. Regarding the completion of “Dark Tarot” Geraldine Winters of DGW Films said, “Quentin Fielding captivated our imagination…His combination of powerful acting, and dynamic film scoring made the movie.”


Today, Quentin has scored the soundtrack of over ten films and has been the leading man in fifteen. Recognizing that acting was also surfacing as natural talent, Quentin pursued to study with the very best in the field, legendary acting coach, Wynn Handman of New York City. After an acting performance in class, Wynn Handman remarked to Quentin, “You have genuine charisma.”


In between acting, film scoring, and songwriting, Quentin composes commercial music for Forbes, Interactive Brokers, United Way, and Penn State University to name a few.  Quentin has opened for Andrew WK, international Italian pop star, Patrizio Buanne, and has been a performer for The T.J. Martell Foundation. Quentin has been a guest keyboardist on several “Hit The Lights” songs, was the headlining performer for two charity events in New York City, “World Water Day” (benefiting Water.Org), and also a “Power of the Muze” concert. Musical pieces from Quentin’s solo piano album, “The Ghost Composer”, were played to audiences. Quentin Fielding’s brand is surrounded by a professional team consisting of: music producer Rob Freeman (Hit The Lights), Koontz Creative Film Production Company (Forbes), co-writer/lead guitarist Ryan Kleindienst, and the rest of his band consisting of, drummer/percussionist, Derek Fielding, and bassist, Brian McShane. Quentin also collaborates with Thornton Fielding on directing and producing various projects in his brand. 


Musically, Quentin Fielding evolved into an EDM music artist with an undeniably unique sound. This was inevitable having both the musical background as an alternative rock/pop artist and equally having been a film composer for over a decade. This creative melting pot has enabled Quentin to compose and song write from a wealth of creativity, combining the best elements and instrumentation of both genres of music, to create his own unique and original sound. 


Being a musical pioneer, Quentin has taken the rhythmic and upbeat qualities of a rock/pop song and combined them with the uplifting, moving, and majestic instrumentation of film music. Weaving the soundtrack elements atop of a powerful electronic dance track, Quentin has successfully created a sound and style far ahead of the curve that audiences have fallen in love with. It can be seen and heard in his newest music video, “The Feeling”, a single off his latest e.p. entitled “TRILOGY”.  


It is rare to be given a single talent in life, but to be given multiple talents and equally gifted with all of them, endows one with a creative responsibility, duty, and mission as an artist to share your gifts with people around the world. Quentin Fielding has enthusiastically and honorably accepted this quest… and has only just begun…